The Spirituality of Athanasius

Ng, Nathan Kwok-kit: The Spirituality of Athanasius

A Key for Proper Understanding of this Important Church Father. This book presents a thorough study of the life and thought of St Athanasius, bishop of Alexandria (AD 328-373). In recent decades Athanasian studies have enjoyed a revival among scholars. Some praise him; others denounce him: opinions are very often diverse and a confused situation has developed. This book addresses the problem by means of a new key-spirituality. This study argues that, because of the partial nature of our extant historical sources, it is almost impossible to reconstruct a true picture of Athanasius using the traditional methodology without making subjective presuppositions. To obtain a balanced judgement, it is necessary to examine the saint simultaneously from different viewpoints – his cultural background, theological convictions, ascetic teachings, and personal behaviour. By doing so, the author tries to show that the spirituality expressed in his writings is an important key to a proper understanding of Athanasius. It helps to explain his life and his behaviour in the Arian controversy. 392 Seiten, broschiert (Europäische Hochschulschriften. Reihe XXIII: Theologie; Band 733/Peter Lang Verlag 2001) Mängelexemplar/near mint

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