American Cultural Icons

American Cultural Icons

The Production of Representative Lives. Edited by Günter Leypoldt and Bernd Engler. 23 contributions, asigned to the general topics "Literary and Cultural Icons" and "Political Icons and Founder Figures". Table of contents: G. Leypoldt: Introduction - A. Literary and Cultural Icons - C. Spahr: Fashioned Saints: Anne Bradstreet's Literary Genealogy - B. Engler: American Literary Nationalism and the Cultural Politics of 'De-Nationalizing' Shakespeare - A. Alliston / P. Schirmeister: From the Popular to the Exemplary: James Fenimore Cooper's Reception at Home and Abroad - R. S. Levine: Frederick Douglass's Iconic "Little Book" - K. Benesch: Where I Lived, and What I Lived For? Thoreau's Platial Iconicity - D. Schulz: Ralph Waldo Emerson: The Infidel as National Saint - W. Grünzweig: The Iconic Whitman: Americanness and the Global Culture - M. A. Snyder-Körber: Sexual/Textual Iconicity: From Henry James to Master, Queer, and Other Jameses - I. Klaiber: Making Black Icons: Pauline E. Hopkins' "Famous Men of the Negro Race" - G. Hurm: Acting Authentic: James Dean, Rebellion, and Post- War Negotiations of an American Icon - N. Gernalzick: 'Iconizing' - Madonna Ciccone and Performance Art - S. Duda: Andy Warhol - Sequences of an Icon - P. Löffler: The Trouble with Ethnicity: Iconizing the "Negro" Artist Miles Davis - B. Political Icons and Founder Figures - R. Bauer: Squanto: The Indian Orphan and the Mythology of American Beginnings - J. Stievermann: Lavish Images of Victimry: Terrence Malick's The New World and the Pocahontas-Iconography - K. Fitz: The Personification of the Minuteman: George Washington and Israel Putnam as Iconic Yeoman Farmers/Minutemen in the Antebellum U.S. - F. Obenland: Napoleon in America: Political Iconicity in the Early Republic - O. Scheiding: he Indian Chief as Federalist Icon: Washington Irving's Refigurations of Philip of Pokanoket - K. Müller: Abraham Lincoln: The Emergence, Appropriation, and Contestation of an American Icon - A. Franke: The Janus-Faced Iconography of Billy the Kid - D. S. Reynolds: Oliver Cromwell as an American Cultural Icon: Transcendentalism, John Brown, and the Civil War - M. Fritsch: Of Martyrs, Meteors, and the Millennium: John Brown's Iconicity in Nineteenth-Century America - W. Fluck: The Fallen Hero: John F. Kennedy in Cultural Perspective. 501 Seiten mit einigen Abb., broschiert (ZAA Monograph Series; Band 11/Königshausen & Neumann 2010) leichte Lagerspuren/near mint

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